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The Cannon Family (December 2012)

The Cannon Family (December 2012)

Hello World!

I’m Jocelyn Cannon, the eldest of the five children in the Cannon family. My parents are David and Pam. My siblings are Abby – 7, Elise – 9, Wesley – 11, Kimry- 14, and myself – 15.

My Dad, David, is the associate pastor at LifePoint Church. We live in Greenville, SC. I’ve been home schooled by my amazing mom all my life and so have my siblings except for this past year. The three middle kids had the wonderful privilege of attending Mt. Zion Christian School for the 2012-2013 school year. We are all very excited about moving to England for one year and seeing the plans God has for our family.

In addition to our family, Rachael Gallman, our beloved “nanny”, is moving to England with us.


Rachael, Our Super-Nanny!

She will be schooling us while my parents are attending their day-long classes at NETS. How do you describe her in a few sentences? She’s twenty-two, majored in Elementary – Ed and Spanish, she plays at least three instruments, sings, help lead worship at our church, is a vegetarian, sews, cooks amazing quesadillas, and all little children who cross her path thinks she hung the moon. (I do too, but don’t tell her that.) We’ve known her for a long time and couldn’t believe it when she excitedly asked my parents to prayerfully consider her going with us. I don’t think she quite knows what she’s getting in to…

We love her so much and look forward to spending a year with her.