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Smile Moments

by Jocelyn Cannon on May 4, 2014


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Click “Play Video” above to watch a slideshow I put together of our “smile” moments from the past seven months. Enjoy!

6 Month Blast Off

by Jocelyn Cannon on April 21, 2014


My alarm goes off at 6:40. I roll over and crack open my curtains; the sun is coming up and the pale blue sky is streaked with gold. What a perfect morning to start things off. As I get up, I hear my parent’s alarm going off and their sleep-cracked voices murmuring gently. The coffee pot is turned on, and mugs clink in the kitchen as I slip my sneakers on and slip out the door to go running. I breathe deeply in the chill English air and I know what it means when the morning sings to you.

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Knit Together

by Jocelyn Cannon on March 26, 2014


Mourning to Dancing

Bad to Pure

Broken to Restored

Un-Worthy to Worthy

Insecure to Princess

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Amazing Grace

by Jocelyn Cannon on March 3, 2014


It’s hard for me to write just about the events of life in this blog, when what really matters is what God has been teaching us as individuals and as a family. God called us to Ellel, not only to learn from the classes but to heal and grow in him. I can’t begin to describe the amazing things he has been teaching me, my parents, and my whole family since we’ve been here. It’s not easy. My mom pinpointed the simile that describes NETS, “It’s like going through open-heart surgery with God.”

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Hello 2014!

by Jocelyn Cannon on January 9, 2014


Well, Christmas break has come and gone. Stage 2 classes have already started for my parents and school for us is in full swing again. Back to the normal hustle and bustle of life. We were ready though, ready to meet new people, ready to learn new things, ready to jump back into Ellel life as a family. The break gave us the rest and reunifying we needed, as well as a whole bunch of fun. Thank you Lord.

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‘Tis the Season

by Jocelyn Cannon on December 29, 2013


“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jesus, Happy Birthday to you,” Abby’s high-pitched voice rang through the house, our mixed tones joining in with hers. We all grinned at each other, giddiness spreading through each of us. Christmas happiness hovered in the air – the joy of family, the excitement of giving, the anticipation of gifts, the thankfulness in each of our hearts, the appreciation to our Lord and Savior who came to earth so long ago to save us, all mixed in the smiles of eight individuals who call themselves a family. Happy Christmas, as British people say, to all of you!

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