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by Pam Cannon on November 15, 2013


Guest blogger, Pam, reporting in from Ellel Pierrepont. What I’ve been assigned to write about is a glimpse into the life of a NETS trainee. I’ll try my best! :-)

The heartbeat of this place where we are living is Luke 9:11. Actually, that was originally what NETS stood for – Nine Eleven Training School. Then, 9/11 happened in the USA and the name suddenly was clearly a problem! :-) A former student coined the term Never Ever the Same and it stuck…love that! Luke 9:11 says “…He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.” That’s what’s going on around here. We (the trainees) were welcomed (very beautifully, I might add and this welcomed feeling lingers still today. There are some seriously strong servant hearts around here!), we are being taught (more about that in a moment), and we are being healed. That’s just what Jesus did – welcomed, taught, healed, over and over and over again. This is why Ellel Ministries grabbed our hearts over a year ago when we first heard about it. This is what David and I want to do. We came here to be taught/equipped and in the process we are being healed.

Here’s what I wrote in an email recently when I tried, for the first time, to put feelings down on paper:  I guess all I can really say is that I’m just so glad to be here and I feel like I’m being operated on and sometimes I feel like I could fly if I had wings and other times I feel like…I don’t know I guess just really aware of things that I really want to be different and the journey seems LONG to get there. Then God reminds me that He’s not the one in a hurry and He actually just loves me for me and then I feel humbled and undone again….

Great Hall

This is the Great Hall in the Main House where we have most of our classes. Isn’t it pretty?!

It is taking me a long time to type this blog entry because so much is stirring inside this heart of mine. I have this amazing anticipation of what God is doing and will continue to do in all of our lives to the degree that we let Him work. Our lives…that’s you and me! We are His body here on earth. Did you know that where we go, He goes? Did you know that He was eager to leave so He could send His Holy Spirit so MORE work could be done on earth than was possible when He was here in the flesh. His plan, to reconcile man to the Father, was about to multiply like crazy and He was eager. He warned though. He told His disciples to wait until they were filled with power from on high. Do I wait? Am I full? I’m a big ‘ole striver…what about you? I think my zeal is sincere it’s just that it’s often fleshy. A lot of what I do is for me. Even a lot of my instruction of my children is for me. They reflect our Christian household afterall and that needs to look good, right? Ouch…

The NUMBER ONE thing that Jesus is teaching me right now is His sweet patience. He has loved me all along, simply because He chose to…a very, very, very long time ago (before the foundation of the earth, according to the Word) and this love, this amazing love has nothing whatsoever to do with me on a good day or me on a bad day. It’s just because of Him. He has patiently carried me through my times of self-righteousness, loved me in my rebellion, held me before I even knew I needed to repent and bow to Him, and He sees me. He’s the God who sees, the God who provides, the God who heals, the God who…just fill in the blank, because if it’s anything good, it comes from Him.

Tomorrow finishes week 6. To quote that same email that I mentioned earlier, I’m just telling myself that the Holy Spirit will soak in what He needs to because otherwise I would be a striving fool right now trying to get all this wealth of info filed in some orderly fashion in my brain. I walk into this flat/dorm/apartment (we can’t figure out what to call where we live!) after a very full day and my mom-hat flies back on and finding “study time” is challenging to say the least! Oh well, God knew all that when He brought us here and He’s in charge of this not me, so, I’ll sit and soak-in as much as I can! Here is a list of all of our actual NETS classes we’ve had these past 5 weeks:

Conference Hall

When we have other people joining us for class time, we use the much larger Conference Hall. This was used as a gymnasium back when Pierrepont was a boys school.

How Do We Learn

Foundations of Christian Truth

How to Study the Bible

The Healing Ministry of Jesus

Power in the Name and Blood of Jesus

Nature of Man


The Character and Work of Holy Spirit

Belief Systems

Generational  Iniquity

Soul Ties

Inner Healing

Deliverance Ministry

Worship Foundations


Principles of Care and Prayer Ministry

Understanding the Human Spirit

The Father Loves You

Jewish Festivals

Targeted Prayer/Extraordinary Intercession

Love’s Healing Power

God’s Amazing Grace

New Age and the Occult

Healing for the Abused

That’s the Main House there in the background, where most of our classes are held.

Goodness, there’s just a lot that I could still say, but this is getting TOO long! I’m going to end this blog entry for now and post a Part 2 in a couple of days. Then, I’ll hand it back over to Jocelyn. :-)

Thanks for praying with us, friends. We miss you guys. We’re very thankful to be here. We feel blessed. Really, we feel humbled. Excited for the future but excited about the NOW also. God is good. He loves us so. He has precious words to speak to you, so make sure you pause to listen! You don’t have to be any certain way to stop and listen AND you don’t have to be alone or have an hour! Just turn your face towards Him and receive and then help others to do the same!

Much love…

PS: Can I just give a HUGE BIG VERY LARGE shout out to Rachael… WE LOVE YOU!! Super Nanny ain’t got nothin’ on you, girl….



  1. I’ve got to ditto a lot of what Mommy said! It’s amazing here! I’m overwhelmed with what life-changing things God holds for us in the future! (Not that being at Pierrepont isn’t life-changing. It is! Never Ever The Same…It was named quite appropriately, don’t you think?) Everything here is just brilliant! ;-)

  2. Pam and family and Rachael,

    We love each and every one of you. We are praying for you.


  3. What a wonderful letter, Pam. I’m so thrilled and somewhat jealous that you have this time to study and concentrate and learn all these valuable and life changing things! Missing you all – hugs!

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