Living Water

by Pam Cannon on June 15, 2016


Friday morning at our weekly communion service, the message was on hearing the voice of God. With a topic like that, we were all ears! I so appreciated the way the teaching ended – we sat simply in the presence of our Father, listening. I had a very clear picture – a stream of water with shimmering rocks where the flow rippled, splashed, played in the midst of a grassy slightly woodsy area. Peace was the word that came to mind; no further explanation was given. You know that inward smile at those types of moments? That definitely happened.

The day went on per normal. During school, Abby and I were finishing up a book and the phrase “rivers of living water” came up off the page and straight down into my spirit. When I had time later, I turned to the Word and found John 7:38. You know those conflicting laughter/tears that the Spirit causes? That also happened. Why? Because I’ve had a lot of questions for the Lord these past few weeks, all of which really are different versions of the same thing, “What are we doing, Lord?” And… now He’s told me, in the way that He does, which doesn’t answer ANY of the practical-down-to-earth questions, but the BIGGER question, which is the one He asks of me. Do I believe in Him? If the answer is yes, then rivers of living water flow out of me. What else really matters? I pondered the enormity of this and was humbled… and delighted!

Abby's Drawings

Abby’s Drawings

The next day, Abby (who wasn’t involved with my God-moments) sat down with chalk pastels and drew four pictures – a river, a waterfall, a water fountain, and flowers. I’m like, “Lord… You are just BEYOND cool… You did that… for me… for her… for fun…” He steals my heart… I love it!

We’re going to send an update in the next day or two…so watch this space! :-)



Zdoneks Visit

Such a treat having the Zdonek family visit us last week!!


Seven Sisters with Zdoneks

Walking to the Seven Sisters with Karen and Ansley


We LOVE having our nephew Liam here. He’s joined Jocelyn on the Cedars team for 2 months.

Marina's Birthday

Just a quick glance at some of the amazing people that we live and work alongside. This is a birthday party up on the balcony of the dorm where Jocelyn lives.


  1. Thank you, Pam, for sharing your sweet encounter with the Lord & his promise for us who believe in Him! And, thank you , Abby, for your beautiful drawings of water scenes! >Dad/Grandpa Cannon

  2. Whoa, OK, I have such a cool confirmation story to tell you!!!! I can’t believe you just wrote this….God is so cool

  3. Greetings, Thanks for the pictures, which were a challenge trying to ID some of you. It’s been a long time since we last saw any of you. We just returned from Florida via St. Simons Island, Georgia, where we spent 4 days at the King and Prince Beach Resort to celebrate my 76th birthday. We were treated royally by the staff. Yep, 76 … now officially an “OLD FART”!! Nancy and I first met on St. Simons Island about 23 years ago in 1993. Ciao, Chuck & Nancy

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